John Bament

I'm fundraising for a cause close to my heart.

Did you know that approx. 1 man in 7 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime? I have registered to Run With Dad this year, please help me raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer research, care and education.

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Supporting Katie Woolf

Friday 9th Jul
I love Maths, staying fit and supporting good causes.
Run With Dad, organised by Katie Woolf is a perfect event that ticks all these boxes.
Help however you can 😎👍

Thank you to my Sponsors


Peter Balyta

Keep up the great work! Thank you for supporting such an important cause.



Thanks for raising awareness to this important cause. Have a great run! Peter


Today’s Mix104.9 Testing The Territory ?? Question

In preparation for this years Run With Dad event I’ve run 40km over the last 5 days. I started on Monday and finished today. Each day I ran 2km more than the day before. How many kms did I run today?