More than just
a Father's Day
fun run.

This is a week-long celebration of the men in our lives and a great opportunity to show support for those battling prostate cancer. Let's encourage the men in our lives to get tested and be aware of the symptoms.

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Register as an individual or a team to take the virtual Run With Dad challenge from 31 Aug - 6 Sept.


Tell family and friends about your challenge, and encourage them to donate to this great cause.

Run WIth Dad!

From Aug 31 - 6 Sept, go for a daily run (or walk) with Dad, or the special man in your life.

Get connected, and join the Run With Dad community to track your daily run (or walk).

Download the Strava app, or use your Fitbit to track the distance you run (or walk) during the week leading up to Father’s Day. Wherever you live, whatever your fitness level, get outside and get active with your Dad, or the special men in your life to raise awarenes and funds for prostate cancer research, care and education.

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Is Run With Dad a competition?

No, Run With Dad is an opportunity to get outdoors and get active with your Dad and/or special men in your life, for the sole purpose of raising money and awareness of prostate cancer.

Is there a Run With Dad event near me?

In 2020, the only organised Run With Dad event will be held in Darwin with a limited number of particpants.

Do I have to track my distance?

Not at all, unless you have based your fundraising around how many kilometers you have pledged to run.